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Enabling the future of freight

Streem is one of the leading players of the freight and intermodal railcars and tank containers leasing industries worldwide.
As such, Streem specializes in designing, optimizing, financing and managing strategic assets for the global supply chain, offering customers safe, cost-efficient and environment-friendly solutions.

About Streem​

Founded in 1956 in Geneva (Switzerland), the group has become one of the leading global players of the freight railcar and tank containers leasing industries.

Streem ensures today’s and tomorrow’s low carbon transport solutions by actively working to ensure the total safety of people and goods, thanks to more than 1,300 employees in over 40 locations worldwide.

With operations throughout Europe for railcars and worldwide for tank containers, the Group offers local expertise to a world of customers from industries as diverse as steel, energy, chemical, construction, mining, agribusiness, foodstuffs, cosmetics and logistics & transportation.

With a wealth of experience in the technical management of railcars and tank containers fleets, Streem prides itself in its technical expertise, economical optimization and safety record.


Our stated goals​

  • ​To further optimize railway and tank containers transportation in partnership with its customers,​
  • To guarantee performance and innovation of its assets in line with customer’s requirements,​
  • To continue to work on insuring optimal safety of its materials and employees.​



Our business segments

  • Leasing of railcars,​
  • Maintenance, construction and repair of freight railcars,​
  • Leasing of tank containers and small portable tanks.

Our brand architecture​

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